This happened yesterday …

This is what happened yesterday.

I am getting my hair cut at Sada’s. Mind you, I have my hearing aids out, so my hearing is at 20% or less. Plus there are hair dryers going and other noises. I’m upset that Sada is cutting my hair too short. Beauty salons are not exactly relaxing places for me, so I’m a little out of sorts.

Then a lady walks in, maybe 85 years old. She has a basket of wrapped gifts. She stops to give one to Sada and he accepts and gives her a kiss. Then he pulls from his side drawer of hair style books, a children’s book. “Don’t be that kid!”. He opens it up and shows me the art, which is impressive, like the Richard Scarry books that I read to my son when he was young. There is a lot going on. This is the work of the woman passing out gifts. Her art, her book. I get that the book is about teaching children about bullying and how to encourage inclusiveness in 6, 7, and 8 year olds. Everyone belongs, the book says. There is a teacher’s guide to go with the book. Sada has one of those in his drawer too.

The woman continues to pass out presents to others in the salon. The profoundness of this act hits me. It was as if Santa Claus himself had walked in. She was bringing her gifts to the world, spreading something that was indeed good. I want to be like that lady. I want to bring something good to the world.


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