Ordinary Life

For the last ever so many years – 15? – I have kept a blog. Today I looked through them and they gave me a sense of place. This is where we were and this was what was happening. I lost that the last few years. I tended to post when something eventful was happening. I lost the happenings between the minutes.

I considered starting (yet another) new blog, but finally realized that this one was good enough. From now on, every day, something will be posted. A photo, or a musing, or whatever. It is my way of marking the time, like an hour glass.

No one much reads this blog anyway. My blogs are mostly for my own way of keeping track.

Today I took John (after Pickle Ball) to Palm Beach to Amici Grocery to get some olive oil. It is an olive branch of sorts to offer our in-laws at Xmas time (long story).


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