Kiawah – Thanksgiving 2016

We have been going to Kiawah for more than 30 years because my sister and her family have gone there and it is a good place to meet up. The first time I remember going was probably Easter, 1985. Eric was just a baby so we left at night after John got off work and drove through the night. I remember the morning light coming through the fog as we made our way off of the Interstate and into the low country of South Carolina. Enchanting is the best word I can find for it. We rented a townhouse that time and Ooma (newly widowed) joined us.

Visits to Kiawah have continued through the years, so we know our way around the area well now and claim it as a significant way station in our journeys. Thanksgivings, Easters, stops to and from somewhere else.

The ocean is probably the biggest draw, with a wide hard beach that you can easily ride a bike and walk on. We have never been there in summer, but in winter, spring and fall, it is never a crowded place. You always feel like you pretty much have the place to yourself. The whole ocean is yours.

This time it was not hot and not cold – the ocean breeze brought a gentle lifting and pervasive calming to the soul.

There is also the majesty of the trees and grasses that grace this place. I can see why hermits seek out the empty condos during the off season.

We had a good time. Meeting and renewing family relationships – my sister and her husband, our nephew (and godson) and his girl friend, and a stray Felsen who has been showing up at our Thanksgiving table of late. We had Thanksgiving dinner, a ravioli dinner and then an oyster feast in honor of Tucker and Lib.

Jubilee had been fighting a skin infection and was a little disoriented with the new surroundings (she doesn’t see well with her one good eye), but it seems to have done her some good and she comes home with a revived spunk.

When FA said they would be there this year I jumped at the chance – can we come too? Moral of the story: Don’t ever pass up a chance to meet with family, no matter how awkward things might be. This is soul work, and Kiawah has been gift that keeps on giving.


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  1. There’s so much for which to give thanks!


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