Places of Quiet & Beauty

I seek out places of quiet & beauty. Not popular spots. Places that speak silence to me. Places where I look up in wonder. Places where a wordless dialogue opens up between me and everything else, (I and Thou?).

These last few days I have needed such a place. I dare not even name the place in these photos because it is a secret place and I don’t want it to become “known”. Like a church, but open to the heavens, the seas, the air. The miracle of outside.

It is August in Florida now, and the heat can be oppressive. But there are places where you can find respite from that heat and enter into some other aspect of Florida summer. With the right combination of shade, balmy breeze and water’s edge, you can find the magic. The opposite of oppressive, this secret place is healing, perhaps especially in the summer. Like touch, like a yogic savasana.

I was mostly the only one there this morning, but comfortable with that alone-ness. There are some houses nearby. I saw only one person on their back deck, seemingly in prayer and as mesmerized with the miracle as I was.




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