From Montreal, we drove down the Ontario side of the St. Lawrence Seaway, crossing back into the U.S. at the Thousand Islands and then made our way through the Finger Lakes of NY State to Wellsville. I didn’t take a lot of photos; we let ourselves bask in the beauty of the country.

We have been coming to Wellsville for a long time, 40 years or more, so it is like a kind of 2nd home. Winding country roads and little towns. Farmland. Stunning rivers and waterfalls. Local arts.


The Felsen home is lovely and welcoming, as usual. John and I swear that the best shower in the USA can be had in the “dormitory”. It’s like a waterfall. This is Jubilee’s favorite place in the whole world and I miss not having her with us this time. She loves laying in the soft grass at the top of the hill and looking out over the town and surrounding hills.

FA & Joe treated us to some wonderful meals, hikes and hospitality …

… with a special visit to the new Wellsville “Tea House”!


We took a walk along the Genesee River, where the weeds were in their glory. I went a little overboard with my weed photos, but they really were spectacular.


Weed slideshow (watch the whole thing! 🙂 )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As D. Jones says, we were down the rabbit hole.


Other Wellsville links:

How to Build a Community

St. Bonaventure University

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Wellsville Weekend (Fiji Bound)

Thanksgiving in Wellsville

Anjelica, Lavender and Taking it Easy

A cold, windy and rainy weekend


View from the Window (Wellsville)

St. Bonaventure Cemetery

Wellsville, Again

The “Hog”


The Genesee and JoAnn’s Garden

still looks like winter

a fun day

St. Bonaventure University – Robert Lax sculpture

The Twig Fence

The Barn and Land



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  1. busterskid53 says:

    Wellsville, sounds like my kind of place. But weeds? Could you not consider them wildflowers instead? Weeds are any plants growing where they are not wanted. Beautiful photos of daisy like flowers and “Queen Anne’s lace”


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