Quebec City

Some people say that going to Quebec City is like going to France without the long plane ride. I wouldn’t go that far, but Quebec City was very different for us. Lovely.


One of the first things to catch our eye as we ventured into Quebec City, was this statue of Francois de Laval (now a saint!). He was the first Roman Catholic bishop of Quebec (“New France”), appointed when he was just 36 years old (1658).


A closer look … among his other power struggles, Laval excommunicated anyone who sold alcohol to the native population. His remains are entombed in the nearby Basilique-Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Quebec.

The buildings. The way the centuries and architectural styles sit side by say, layer upon layer. A living timeline that you can walk around in.

Window shopping was very fun here.


And then there were simply the doors and windows themselves …


What can you say about a city that is a delight to just walk around in. Why do people go to amusement parks? Everywhere we looked were sights of wonder, from street performers to an old obscure tile in the wall of an old building. Who were the people who walked these streets before us and lived in these homes? They left their mark and here we are.

John and I are not generally “tour” people. Not unless it is something that we can’t figure out, or get to, by ourselves. We like to wander around, reading signs and tour books. We’ve usually done a little research before we set out. But we got lost in Quebec City (not always a bad thing). We walked down to the lower streets, wandered through some older neighborhoods, all the while thinking thinking that we could take the Funicular back up to the top. Well, I’m not the best walker. We got too far from the center of the Old Town and had to walk up the stairs. 396 stairs! There was a fund raiser going on for sick children so a lot of serious athletes were racing these stairs 2 and 3 steps at a time. I had to take it one step at a time.

Finally, some photos of just us in this beautiful city …


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