Bar Harbor

We know our way around Bar Harbor, we know where the coffee shops and the restaurants are, and we’ve done a fair amount of window shopping.

Coffee is good here. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do like lattes for some reason. The ones I get here make a Starbucks coffee very 2nd rate, and Dunkin’ Donuts way below that.

It is getting pretty close to high season now. Most of the motels and inns are filled up and the streets and restaurants are busy, but not too busy. I would like to see what it’s like here in the off season, spring or autumn. Even winter.

Oh, and it’s cold here for us, even now. 50s and 60s. I see many people (the locals?) walking around in just T-shirts and shorts but we use the heat in our room and wear scarves and jackets. Our waiter last night, who winters in Florida, told us that it never really gets warm here. 85 degrees is tops.


These are “whoopee pies”. They come in lots of flavors – chocolate chip, red velvet, strawberry, etc. They are in all the bakeries. I’m not sure if they are a local thing, or a Maine thing. We haven’t had one yet. Blueberry pies are big now.

Our eyes are always drawn toward the stunning waterfront.


We watched this kayak-er head out into the cold waters.

These are some of the downtown buildings.

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There is a walk along the waterfront that we found ourselves on more than once. A big inn and some big houses.


Window shopping. Several trips ago I discovered that taking a photo of “stuff” was much more rewarding than buying it!

This is the only thing I wish I had bought and brought home — a little floor lamp:


And more waterfront photos just because it was so beautiful. I wish we could live here for awhile longer.