Whale (and seal) Watching

The whale watching trip was fun (and cold!). We saw lighthouses, seals, puffin, and a few small minke whales. The boat went about 25 miles out into the ocean – they call it the Gulf of Maine – so there was the immensity of the sea and sky with no land in sight. It was a beautiful day, with intermittent sun and clouds. It was cold. This is considered the North Atlantic.

But we didn’t see any of the large whales that blow and splash, so we get a free trip to go out again. Good for 3 years. I’m not sure if we will get back here in 3 years, so if you are coming to Bar Harbor, please let me give you our tickets!


Lighthouses on little rocky islands. In some other life I’d like to live on one of these …




Puffin …


Lot and lots of seals. They don’t seem to know (or care) where one ends and the next one begins …



This is my minke whale. Whales are much more solitary beings than the seals. They honor the space around:


IMG_2817Out in the ocean, no land in sight, looking for whales, is a little surreal if you aren’t used to doing it often. There is this great immensity of sky and water, and the sense of your own smallness. The miracle of even being here in this place, seeing this.

For John and I, it was cold. We had jackets, but we welcomed the sun when in shone through. We had good seats on the boat: back in the back on the first level, so we had great views but were somewhat shielded from the wind.

By the time we got back to Bar Harbor we felt like we had hypothermia. John (as usual) was starving. We headed right for Testa’s and ordered lobster. (I had a seafood newburg, probably the best I’ve ever had, but not as picturesque as John’s lobster).



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