Point Lookout

There are places where the energy is not right. The physical beauty of the place does not match the vibes that you get. I imagine that Chernobyl is such a place. Point Lookout was definitely such a place.

This is where the Potomac River meets the Chesapeake Bay. The water is blue and vast. I hear that there were once vacation cottages for people from the DC area here. The place is mostly deserted now. This is the lighthouse.


They say that it is haunted. In 1980 the America Society for Psychic Phenomena did a study. The study was inconclusive. People say that a Confederate soldier (ghost) regularly appears here.

Here are some more photos from Point Lookout:

Five thousand years ago native Americans came to this shore, drawn by the natural bounty. The earliest inhabitants were hunters and gatherers; later the Conoy Piscataway tribe farmed these lands, growing tobacco and corn, and harvested the Bay’s abundance of oysters, clams, crabs and fish.

In 1863 the Union prison, Camp Hoffman, opened at Point Lookout. A 15 foot high plank wooden fence surrounded the 40 acre prison compound. The first prisoners arrived in July 1863 – Confederates captured at the Battle of Gettysburg. By year’s end, the population reached 9,000. All prisoners lived in tents, including the sick. When the war ended in 1865, the prison housed 22,000 men.

Some things take a long time to forget.

Between July 1863 and June 1865, when it was closed, more than 52,000 men had been held at Point Lookout. A nearby cemetery marks the graves of many of those who died here. The Confederate flag flies solemnly, along with the flag of the United States.

I read that even back in colonial times, people were brought out here to be shot.


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