There are many parts to this story, beginning with the discovery that my 8th Great Grandfather is none other than Tayac Kittamaquund.

I had been stumped with my Queen heritage for some time. It seemed like an unusual name, and I didn’t know many Queens. [See this post about Will Queen, my grandfather.] Whenever I used to research I could never get beyond Joseph Queen, my great grandfather. And then I found Jim Queen, my cousin’s son, and he filled in the missing spaces and told me about my Piscataway ancestors.

This is how the lineage goes:

Elizabeth Queen Hagan (Me) – born 1950, Louisville KY, m. John Anthony Cioffoletti, 1973, Bardstown KY

Anna Elizabeth Queen (my mother) – b. 1913, Loretto KY, d. 1973, Bardstown KY; m. Edwin Montgomery Hagan 1946, Lebanon KY

William Duffield Queen (my grandfather) – b. June 7, 1872, Bardstown KY; d. August 22, 1935 Marion County (Loretto) KY; m. Georgia Veronica Cambron, Januart 22, 1908

Joseph Queen (my 1st Great Grandfather) – b. 1802 Maryland, d. August 9, 1887, Bardstown KY; m. Louisa Smith (1840-1910), 1857

James Queen (my 2nd Great Grandfather) – b. 1748, Prince Georges MD, d. July 20, 1818, Bardstown KY; m. Elizabeth Boone (1770-1850), 1785, Maryland

Richard Queen (my 3rd Great Grandfather) – b. 1732, St. Mary’s Parish, Charles Co. Maryland; d. October 7, 1794 Prince George’s, Maryland; m. 1747, Mary Gardiner (1726-1776)

Marsham Queen (my 4th Great Grandfather) – b. 1703 St. Mary’s, Maryland; d. 1771 Charles County, MD; m. Mary Jameson (1704-1738) 1724 Charles County, MD

Samuel Queen (my 5th Great Grandfather) – b. August 21, 1655, Inverness-shire Scotland; d. March 18, 1711, Washington, St. Mary’s Maryland; m. Katherine Marsham (b. 1672 Calvert County MD, d. 1712, Prince George’s MD) married in Charles County, Maryland in 1686

(Katherine Marsham was the daughter of Richard Marsham (1630-1713) and Katherine Brent (1649-1690))

Katherine Brent (my 6th Great Grandmother) – b. 1649 Acquit (Peace Plantation), Stafford County Virginia, d. 1690 Calvert County, Maryland m. Richard Marsham in 1665 in Calvert County Maryland

(Katherine Brent was the daughter of Giles Brent and  Mary Kittamaquund)

Mary Kittamaquund (my 7th Great Grandmother) – b. 1633, Piscataway, Prince George’s Maryland; d. 1654 Stafford, Virginia. m. Giles Brent (1606-1671) married in 1643 in St. Mary’s MD by Father Andrew White S.J.

Kittamaquund “Charles” Piscataway Tayac (my 8th Great Grandfather) – b. 1607 • Piscataway Parish, Prince George’s, Maryland, d. 1641 • Piscataway Parish, Prince George’s, Maryland

Knowing this direct connection to the native people of America and the beginning of Catholicism to the colonies makes sense in me. It affirms something about how I know myself as an American and how I know myself as Catholic (not in a church-y way). As Merton says, the story is much deeper than the white man’s landing on the shores of North America. We had a few extra days to add to the beginning of “the trip”, so we decided to explore the Chesapeake shores of Maryland. I wanted to see for myself this place of meeting between indigenous and “Catholic” realities.

I was somewhat surprised at how much this area of Maryland looks like Kentucky. Farm land, but with a lot of water. Bays and rivers. I found myself talking to the people at gas stations and delis about lineage and ancestors. One asked me if I knew any Mattingly’s in KY. My gosh, my town was full of them!


We enjoyed the crab and lobster dinners at a little place (not fancy) on Solomon’s Island. It sure isn’t fried chicken country.


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